Stardust Venue Charts

Everyone will get to see Coheed and Cambria perform one (1) general admission show on the Pool Deck stage. In addition, Coheed and Cambria will be performing two (2) identical Coheed and Cambria Indoor Shows in Stardust Theater. All other shows on board will be general admission, so you can come and go as you please!

As of 5:30PM ET on December 3rd, the Stardust Theater has reached its capacity in regards to 3rd and 4th guests in cabins and can only accommodate two tickets maximum per cabin going forward. All future reservations will receive two tickets maximum per cabin and additional guests (3rd/4th) in that cabin will be added to a “Ticket Waiting List”. We will contact guests on the Ticket Waiting List in the event more tickets become available. For more information, please visit our ticketing page HERE.

While making your reservation, you will select "Show One" or "Show Two" and the exact ticketed location for your Coheed and Cambria indoor show using an interactive map. This map will show available inventory in real time.

For a 360° view of the Theater, click here. Want to see a detailed map of every spot in the venue? Check out the Lower Chart or the Upper Chart.

For more in-depth details on show admission and ticketing, go here.

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