Sunny Day Real Estate

Sunny Day Real Estate are a band.

Jeremy Enigk: Guitars and Vocals.
William Goldsmith: Drums
Dan Hoerner: 
Guitars and Vocals.



"I discovered Sunny Day Real Estate when I was in eighth grade before I had started singing in a band. At the time all I did was listen to punk and hard-core so when I heard the songs and the melodies it cracked my mind right open in the best way. They were heavy without being aggressive, but heavy in the sense of covering an emotional spectrum that I had not yet figured out how to express. In a lot of ways I feel like they gave me permission to sound the way I do and feel the way I do. I’ve been trying to replicate that feeling in all the music I’ve made ever since."
–Anthony Green, Circa Survive.

"SDRE has been on every single mixtape I have ever made in my entire life. I still have the drumstick I caught when I was 15 in my room from an SDRE show."
Adam Lazzara, Taking Back Sunday.

"Everything changed for me, the day I heard SDRE for the first time."
Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance.