Virtual Deck Wars

To keep our virtual lives interesting, we’ve added a just-for-fun competitive element for our "1 Year To Go" celebrations in the official S.S. Neverender Facebook Group! All guests on the boat have been divided evenly into 4 teams based on their deck – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. There will be many different ways for you to earn points throughout the week (10/26 - 10/29) and when the competition concludes on Thursday October 29th, the team with the most points will be named the 2020 S.S. Neverender Virtual Deck Wars Champion!

Decks 4 & 11 are the Red Team

Decks 5 & 8 are the Blue Team

Deck 9 is the Yellow Team

Deck 10 is the Green Team




Which team am I on?
All teams are assigned by cabin location. You can find your cabin number in your Sixthman account. Your deck is the first 1-2 digits of your cabin number. Decks 4 & 11 are the Red Team; Decks 5 & 8 are the Blue Team; Deck 9 is the Yellow Team; and Deck 10 is the Green Team.


How do we earn points?
Every day next week (Monday 10/26 – Thursday 10/29) Sixthman Kalie will be posting quick games of trivia and puzzles in the S.S. Neverender Facebook group at 12pm EST, 2pm EST and 4pm EST. Each post will have details for how to play and how many points each question is worth. The first 10 guests to comment with correct answers will earn points for their Deck Wars team!


Which activities will be a part of Virtual Deck Wars?
There will be daily posts in the Facebook group at 12pm EST, 2pm EST, and 4pm EST with quick games of trivia and puzzles - that's 3 opportunities per day to earn points! We may throw some surprise posts for bonus points at random times too! Details for how to play each trivia/puzzle and how many points can be earned will be listed in the description of each post. Additionally, we have an online scavenger hunt and crossword puzzle for you to complete at your leisure to earn points, as well as a live trivia game! Read below for more details.


I don't plan on participating in daily Facebook Group activities. Can I earn points too?
Yes! If participating daily in the Facebook Group isn’t possible, you can still be a valuable asset to your team. Here are a couple of additional ways to earn points:


  • S.S. Neverender Online Scavenger Hunt - Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt form HERE by 3:00pm EST on Monday, October 26th will earn 50 points for their team. You can start now and hunt down all the answers on the S.S. Neverender website.


  • Sailor Crossword Puzzle - Submit your answers to the crossword puzzle HERE by 3:00pm EST on Tuesday, October 27th to earn 50 points for your team. We’ll reveal the answers in the Facebook Group on Wednesday, October 28th. To view the crossword puzzle go here.


  • Virtual Coheed and Cambria Trivia We’ll have a live trivia game to test your knowledge and the top three scorers will win 1,000 points each for their Deck Wars team. Sixthman Kalie will post the link to join the trivia game in the Facebook group at 12:55pm EST on Wednesday, October 28th and the game will begin at 1pm EST – so be ready if you’d like to play! Please note: Participating in the live game will be on first come first served basis, open to the first 500 guests who log in.


How do I know which team is in the lead?
Each day at 5:30pm ET, Sixthman Kalie will post a leaderboard in the Facebook Group to keep you up to date on who’s in the lead. At 5:30pm EST on our final day, (Thursday October 29th) our winning team will be revealed!


What does the winning team get?
Bragging rights, mostly, but we will have a surprise for the winning team. Really, this competition is for fun and is designed to introduce you to new friends!