Mac Sabbath

Based out of Los Angeles, CA but born from the bowels of Outer Space, Mac Sabbath is here, and it is time for a dinner rock revolution.


Hailing from Birminghamburger, these anonymous, mysterious mutated mascots parody Black Sabbath songs by warning us all of the evils of fast food. MAC SABBATH are known for mixing raucous comedy with borderline-horrific theatrics and Ozzy himself has helped them along on his TV show and Black Sabbath has been singing the praises of their videos via social media since they coined “drive thru metal” as a genre. Lead singer Ronald Osbourne makes claims of time travel, government food conspiracy and self proclamations of missionary work to save the world from it’s current state of food and music in hopes to return to the 1970's where both were organic. The only thing more petrifying than impending health problems resulting from years of a drive thru lifestyle is a MAC SABBATH show. MAC SABBATH puts on a theatrical, multimedia stage show – complete with a smoking grill, laser-eyed clowns, bouncing burgers and many more magical surprises… Basically anything and everything an unwary hungry for doom burger show-goer could ever want in their wildest fever dreams.